Leather & Lucite (Relax, it’s a chair).

leather strap chair

It’s not easy to work leather straps into your everyday wardrobe (we know, you’ve tried). So put down the fringed motorcycle vest and give this Vintage Lucite Sided Chair with Aluminum Frame & Leather Straps a try.

Call it unfair, but your home really can get away with bolder style statements.
Built in the 1960s with three industrial polished aluminum rods, belted with black leather straps, and ended with 1-1/2 inch thick slabs of clear Lucite, the piece really evokes a certain era. You might be inspired to invite Don Draper over for a night cap. Of course when your less “with it” friends come by you can use the leather form as a frame, simply place regular, ho-hum seat cushions atop it and it looks like you’re still in the fifties (well, except for all that lucite).

*Available at BG Galleries in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Originally published on JULIB.com.

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