New Spot: Mercato di Vetro in LA

mercato di vetro

You shouldn’t throw stones from a glass house, you know that one. But what does one do with a market of glass? Chef Manny Elmaleh serves up Italian antipasti and small plates with a fresh focus at SBE’s latest, Mercato di Vetro.

A buzz-building campaign painted the place as a social club you’ll fall in love with (see the online videos that call it an Italian affair, Vespas and all). The brand behind Bazaar and Katsuya ensures there’s plenty to love. Sure, there are floor-to-ceiling glass walls, but inside you’ll find that the craft of cuisine is held to the highest esteem.

Consider the details: espresso whisperer Jeremy Gursey has been brought on to deliver signature brews (of the caffeinated variety), like an orange-zest infused drip coffee from a siphon (the latest thing) and a Brasilia “Opus” espresso machine for the affogatos, macchiatos and hand-made espresso ice cubes. Pasta will be churned out of another classic machine (this one by Rosito Bisani) in one of the four kitchens (yes, four) where doughy faves like fresh spaghetti, pescatore and wood-crisped delicacies will be crafted.

Sartorial taste is of the essence here, too. The entire staff will be outfitted in jeans by Hudson (super skinnies for the gals and slouchies for the guys) to add a touch of British cool to the otherwise Ital-focused formula.

9077 Santa Monica Boulevard
near North Doheny
Beverly Hills, CA 90069

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