Slow News Day? Let’s Play Word Association With Celebrity Chefs!

word association

Not every story on The Braiser can be breaking news or exclusive interviews. We can’t even always deliver drool-inducing Food Porn (much less animal porn) on a daily basis. Sometimes, the world just keeps turning and there’s nothing to report except for random collections of words.

So, here are some random words, as told by nine of our favorite celebrity chefs.

What is the first word that comes to mind…

Andrew Zimmern: “The first word that comes to my head isn’t a word, it’s a picture and it’s not family friendly.” (Your wife’s a babe, we get it.)

Jeremy McMillan: “My feet hurt.”

Justin Severino: “Oink oink.”

Bobby Flay: “Run!”

Marcus Samuelsson: “Goooooooal. What can I say? I’m nuts about soccer.”

Nadia G: “HDMI cable. What?! A girl’s gotta focus when setting up a projector.”

Roshni Gurnani: “Food!!”

David Santos: “Ice cream. I was just looking at the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream I ate last night.”

Dana Herbert: “Blackberry mojito.”

Danielle Saunders: “SOUL. This word comes to mind because when you have a love and passion for food it comes from a place deep down within your soul.” (Ed. note: much more than one random word, but we’ll allow it).

Well that was fun. Turns out celebrity chefs don’t really know how to play word association, and prefer thought association, or craving association. That’s cool, chefs. At least you’re not all thinking about Andrew Zimmern’s wife.

This post originally appeared on The Braiser.

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