5 Wellness Getaways To Get Buffed, Bronzed, And Brought Down A Few Notches

glamping tent

When summertime hits, most vacationers cordon off a two-week spot of iCal and head to the beach with a bevvy of friends, a cooler of beer, and a barbecue ready for so many burgers and dogs. Sure, that makes for a great time, but then they have to return to work sunburned, hungover, and bloated from all the nitrites. This summer, treat yourself right with a solo ticket to a state of bliss.

The destinations below offer diet detoxes, yoga at dawn, and all manner of being one with nature. Tell your sorority sisters sorry about the South Carolina rental, and bow out of car-camping with your boyfriend’s bros. This summer, you’re busy getting slimmed, calmed, and centered — and what’s more fun than that? If you were about to say “fruit carving lessons” or “utter silence” we’ve still got you covered.

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