Best TV Looks Of The Week: Boho Flashbacks & Sookie’s Nouveau Grunge

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When a heatwave overtook New York City last week, we all fled home to luxuriate in our air conditioners and catch up on some television. It was then, pint of Talenti gelato in hand, we had this revelation: there’s a whole lotta look going on on TV these days. Even in the quiet months without Mad Men, small screen stylists are putting in work. Each Monday, we’ll look at the ensembles that elevated a character, stole a scene, or just made us want to turn off the tube and go shopping. Here’s who made the cut this week:

Piper, Orange is the new Black
We discovered the Netflix original series this weekend and binge-watched nearly all thirteen episodes on Saturday when it was too hot to do anything else. It may seem like cheating to include a streaming-only series since it didn’t technically air in the last week, but all of Piper’s lesbian flashbacks made us yearn for a time in the early aughts when the secret to boho dressing was as simple as adding a skinny scarf. She only refines the look as she comes closer to the present-day storyline, and the draped top, skinny pants, and (Marc Jacobs?) saddle bag make for an OWLTS (outfit we’d like to steal, which we will make a thing). Also the prison-issue canvas utility coats are so McQueen Resort ’14.

Sookie Stackhouse, Trueblood
This season, Sookie’s taken on a no-bullshit persona that the fashion department is finally showing through her costumes. No I will not be stupidly falling in love with Bill Compton again and again. And no, I will not be bouncing around in dandelion yellow baby doll dresses and a high pony all the damn time. We can’t think of a better outfit to get sort-of proposed to by a fairy vampire hybrid than a low-cut black top, high black socks and combat boots that probably are never weather appropriate in Louisiana, and a flowy floral skirt that seems more than a little inspired by that $68,000 Saint Laurent frock Hedi Slimane showed on Cara Delevingne in the fall campaign. We hope to see more of this nouveau grunge on Sookie as she morphs from all love and light to a little more rough and tumble (and vampire?).

Sonya Cross, The Bridge
Diane Kruger plays Sonya, so right off the bat we were expecting un-styled chicness. But as a Texas detective, this character’s plot doesn’t take many sartorial turns. There is something to be said for staying true to form, though, and the leather jacket we constantly see her in looks like it’s been broken in by someone’s pack-a-day smoking dad during wartime. It can be soft to the touch, but still looks ass-kicking enough to show up to work ready to deal with dead dudes — and not Coachella — in the desert.

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