Best TV Looks Of The Week: Summer Suiting And A Sassy Tee

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It’s a wonder we even managed to watch TV in the last week, what with the Carlos Danger name generator being born and, oh yeah, that tiny human bursting forth from Kate Middleton’s insanely fashionable womb. If it weren’t royally cheating, we’d just go ahead and call her Hospital Emergence Outfit the best TV Look of the Week because she did appear on CNN in a BREAKING NEWS flash and stay on our screens for most of the work day on Friday. But, as said, that would be cheating.

This week, we’re seeing the error of our ways in launching this TV-devoted column in the dead of summer, when most people are too busy running off on lavish vacations to be glued to their sets, and all the best primetime shows are languishing in a between-season slumber. So, that explains why the best outfits we came across were on real, live people playing themselves. (Is that cheating, too?). When asked if he had any contributions to the dressing list, one sartorial standout in our office replied, “all I saw this week was a woman on last night’s Bar Rescue rerun wearing early 2000s stonewashed flared jeans. FLARED! *vom* :(“. Sad-face, indeed.

Without stooping to barf-inducing aughts-era rerun fashion, this is what we’ve scrounged together for the best of the week.

Shailene Woodley and Lisa Kudrow suit up for late night talk shows:
The layers on these two character actresses have us all excited about fall. It’s a bold move to wear all-black-everything in the last week of July, especially when part of your outfit is leather pants (Lisa, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon). So props for that. Shailene swapped the flop-sweat inducing bottoms for short-shorts for her turn on Watch What Happens Live, making her version just as hot, and also age appropriate. It seems she’s still on her crusade against makeup which is also daring under the bright lights of network television, and she pulls it off. Brava, all around.

Emeli Sande on America’s Got Talent:
While celebrity judges Heidi Klum and Mel B continue their race to the tightest dress, we were won over by soulstress Emeli Sande and her lustrous locks. When you’re wearing an outfit that most of us would consider good enough for the cutest girl in the office, and have a hairdo that seems inspired by Elvis plus The Smurfs, we’re gonna nod in your direction. A mash-up of stripes and dots takes her look from simple to something else, which is exactly how we’d describe her music, too.

Giada de Laurentiis on The Today Show:
Arguably the most stylish of all Food Network stars, Giada de Laurentiis brought the chic factor up approximately seven thousand notches when she took a ride on a swing on the set of the Today Show. (No offense, Kathie Lee Gifford). Matchy-matchiness can sometimes make us itchy, but the way Giada’s olive complexion and tousled-just-so hair plays off of her outfit’s extreme yellowness is about as refreshing as a glass of lemonade it might’ve been inspired by. Potential downside? The throngs of playground-bound moms now suffering inferiority complexes after watching her segment.

Emily on Pretty Little Liars:
Okay so there was one scripted series in the mix, and it’s just because Emily’s Wildfox tee so heartily speaks the truth for the show. It reads “Reality Bites” which makes us happy because of its potential nod to one of our favorite movies of all time (slightly misspelled, but whatever), and also because it could be the girls’ motto on the show. As our PLG-addicted editor points out, “things are never good for long for these little liars.”

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