Editors’ Picks: The 19 Things We’re Actually Wearing This Summer

summer style inspo

Summer styling can be a tough one, especially when you work in an aggressively air-conditioned office and don’t just frolic around festivals or spend three months stringing one fabulous vacashe into the next. The glossies and resort collections constantly assault you with glorious sundresses and printed micro-shorts, but you’ve gotta roll out of bed into a real life that looks a lot different. We feel you, it can be depressing. We know, we know, we’re guilty, too. We tempt you with The Goods every single morning as if you’re just gonna quickly buy a new top every AM while guzzling your iced latte straight to the brain. Well here’s the cold, hard truth: we don’t shop every day, either. What we really do is pick a few solid items that’ll carry us through all season and — gasp, the horror — maybe even beyond.

In the interest of total transparency, we thought we’d share with you what we’re really wearing this summer. Maybe it’ll inspire you to layer up in leathers, try something unabashedly neon, or go to a literal bracelet party to refresh your arm party. Maybe it’ll just make you feel a little better about the not-designer-laden pile of clothes you’ve been re-wearing since May. Whatever the reaction, here are our clothes for your consideration.

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