403887_10102073633818094_203359571_nA senior level editor who has helmed site relaunches and editorial teams of two to 20+, concepted social media campaigns, advised Fortune 500 companies on editorial strategy, established content sharing partnerships, and mastered the art of the clicky headline, Laura Norkin is a storyteller who’s fluent in SEO and Spanish, and in sync with the lifestyle news cycle.

Her work has appeared on Styleite, The Braiser, Juli B., Ask E. Jean, Citysearch, World Up, Kicksclusive Magazine, Delaware Beach Life Magazine and more. Laura will try anything once, or as many times as necessary to get the story.

Specialties include: Writing & Editing. Strategic brunch ordering. Hair-product whispering. SEO, analytics, buzzword-using. Extremely efficient TV binge-watching. Early adapting.

For rates, references, cheese recommendations, that funny video she showed you that one time, or just to chat, e-mail Laura (at) LauraNorkin (dot) com

You can find her Tweeting at InLaurasWords and Linking In.