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5 Wellness Getaways To Get Buffed, Bronzed, And Brought Down A Few Notches

When summertime hits, most vacationers cordon off a two-week spot of iCal and head to the beach with a bevvy of friends, a cooler of beer, and a barbecue ready for so many burgers and dogs. Sure, that makes for a great time, but then they have to return to work sunburned, hungover, and bloated from all the nitrites. This summer, treat yourself right with a solo ticket to a state of bliss.

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8 “Of The Month” Clubs for Everything

I learned about thrifty subscription services the hard way. After my brother got 12 CDs for a penny from Columbia House Records, he realized he could sign up again using my name. A box came in the mail for me. But, of course, it was not for me. Ben snatched the stack of CDs like proverbial candy from a baby sister. My one and only shot at the penny loot was plundered, which very well could explain why two decades later I’m intrigued by every “of the month” club that comes along.

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Anatomy of a Yoga Studio

This week I attended both Mods and Lila, two of the more challenging core classes available at Anya (pause for applause…thank you). But this post isn’t going to be about how great I am for doing a bit of exercise for once. It’s about a theme I noticed while doing that work in various parts of the Anya studio: lines.

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BITE Me. No, Not Literally.

You’re no novice. When it comes to lip products, you know you can’t get a smooth color application without first treating your pout perfectly. Enter the BITE beauty brand, which infuses everything from lush lipsticks to glosses and pencils with as much of the antioxidant Resveratrol as five glasses of…