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Elisabeth Rohm Gets Honest About Infertility & Her ‘Weight Challenged’ Maternity Style

Models Lara Stone and Eva Herzigova both gave birth this spring, taking pregnancy up there with palazzo pants for 2013 trends. Just like when they pull off those impossible pants, celebrities make motherhood look easy. They stroll with a staff member for each toddler, a trademarked fruit/number/location name for just their kid, and a figure that miraculously bounces back to bodacious quicker than most moms can say Tracy Anderson Method. Elisabeth Rohm would like to change that.

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Adam Richman On Hush-Hush New Projects, NoLa Politics, And Why Audiences Need Him

Adam Richman is quite verbose. With a knack for storytelling (and impersonations), a childlike curiosity for the ways humans express their individuality, and, let’s face it, a set of cheeks made for TV, it’s no wonder the chatty host has landed two new shows that are both in production at the same time. The guy can talk, and he’s fun to listen to.