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7 Made In The USA Brands For Patriotic Shopping

In honor of America’s birthday, and in the spirit of adding conscience to our shopping carts, we’ve scoured the 50 states for Made In America brands we’d actually want to wear. There are twinkly necklaces, those boots you always try on and don’t just splurge on (do it!), Selvedge denim (really!) and way less American Apparel than you’d think — i.e. none. The best part is, by shopping goods designed, sourced and made right here between our country’s sandy shores, you can skip dressing strictly in stars and stripes to show your true colors.

Jennifer Grey’s Canadian Tuxedo Gives Us Conflicting Feelings About Denim

Just this morning we were singing the praises of going urban farm girl with a pair of Asos overalls. Now, we’re kind of obsessed with Jennifer Grey bucking red carpet formality in favor of comfortable and casual jeans (on top and bottom). Usually this type of look is the butt of a joke (sorry, Canadians), so the fact that we’re loving it has us fearing that we might need some jean therapy.

Peachfrog: the Legit Lovechid of Century 21 and Urban

on Citysearch. If Century 21 and Urban Outfitters had a lovechild, it would be this retail Robin Hood–where name-brand, quality clothing is sold at 70 to 90 percent off retail prices. Home goods, menswear, beauty products and more are clustered throughout the industrial space, which used to be an eggroll…