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5 Wellness Getaways To Get Buffed, Bronzed, And Brought Down A Few Notches

When summertime hits, most vacationers cordon off a two-week spot of iCal and head to the beach with a bevvy of friends, a cooler of beer, and a barbecue ready for so many burgers and dogs. Sure, that makes for a great time, but then they have to return to work sunburned, hungover, and bloated from all the nitrites. This summer, treat yourself right with a solo ticket to a state of bliss.

Dermalogica SoHo

Don’t expect to sip tea while awaiting service in a luxe lounge at this spa. Upon entering the clean, white retail space decorated mostly with framed portraits of products for sale, it’s evident that Dermalogica’s main purpose is to hawk its eponymous products.

Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza

Luxury resonates throughout this full-service spa–as you’d expect, given that it represents a union between the leading French beauty brand after which it is named and the famous Plaza Hotel in which it is located.