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Anatomy of a Yoga Studio

This week I attended both Mods and Lila, two of the more challenging core classes available at Anya (pause for applause…thank you). But this post isn’t going to be about how great I am for doing a bit of exercise for once. It’s about a theme I noticed while doing that work in various parts of the Anya studio: lines.

Swimwear and Fitness: Topics You Can Trust Brazillians On

On Citysearch. This Upper East Side shop represents the Brazilian sportswear brand’s first foray into the United States. The sleek, modern store is jam-packed with the utmost in high-tech athletic wear. Sexy yoga looks comparable to Lululemon and wicking gear for elite marathon runners and triathletes reflect the label’s commitment…

Studio Anya: Where Even Loonies Like Me Can Relax

Not the average Yogi, owner Courtney Bauer seeks to rattle her customers’ perception of fitness. For instance, she might teach Pilates on a sofa, although the studio is equipped with traditional apparatuses, too. In addition to an exercise area, there’s a library outfitted with bamboo chairs and books that range from Kurt Vonnegut to a photographic exploration of New Orleans.